As the first domestic biotechnology-based venture company to be listed on the stock exchange (KOSDAQ), in develops higher value added new products which applies biotechnology in the biological resource area including food, medical, farm, and livestock. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly to mankind with its future orientated value creation and pursues a health life in harmony with nature.
They contribute to providing of a excellent breed for pigs, layer and broiler chickens and improved performance for development of livestock industry in Korea.
A company which opens up to enjoyment of a healthy lifestyle and happy future by providing Nature's gift of clean, fresh meat.
Systematically provides information and knowledge necessary for effective and successful settlement of pork systemization.
The number livestock specialist company in Korea which provides Korea's safe livstock products in which customers can relax and enjoy.
Korea's chicken specialist brand which operates from GPS(Grand parental stock), breeding, Hatching, Slaughtering, Processing, and distribution.