The Incheon factory which newly started its business since it transferred from Buchun to Incheon Namdong industrial complex in 1993 operates all of its production processes with an automated state-of-the-arts facility operated by a central control system, has an accurate and efficient production management system from the receipt of raw materials, storage, and delivery and is doing its best to meet the interests of livestock farming and public health by providng high quality feed to farms.
* Established in 1993
* Daily production capacity of 300 tons /per day (8 hours standard)
* Factory Features :
  - Operation of a Central Analysis Center / Recognized as an international accredited analysis
     institution in 2008 (KORAS)
  - Operation of product lot test NIR inspection room prior to release of quality management
     based on the HACCP system
  - Operation of additive automatic weighing systems
* Supply Area : Kyeonggi-Do, Kangwon-Do, Chungnam Hongsung

Incheon Factory address
#678-1, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Incheon, S.KOREA