The Institute of Bio Resources.
The Institute of Bio Resources of Easy Bio System was established in August 1995 to set the stage for the future of value-creation using biotechnology and pave the way to attain our vision of a better world through better way.
To achieve this, we employ the finest people in the field to conduct researches using the institute¡¯s state-of-art research facilities.
In fact, almost 25 percent of the employees of Easy Bio System are working under the institute.
Moreover, the institute is tasked to create innovations.
Our patented Fermkito, the only chitosan of its kind in the world, is just one of the products of the relentless efforts of our people to produce high value-added products that create a difference.
Also, the Biological Resources Institute serves as an educational-industrial complex for collaborative research to gather more external professionals to contribute in the development of future technologies.